Complior Analyse: the latest version of the Complior device :

Complior Analyse

On the market since Septembre 2011

Pulse wave velocity and central pressure analysis in a single measure






Complior SP: the device used in epidemiological studies


Complior SP device


Complior SP

Device marketed from 2001 to 2011

Support and repair are not available anymore on this product.







Expert service and training on pulse wave analysis and velocity :

You need information, training or scientific expertise on central pressure or arterial stiffness ? Our experts are here to help you and answer your questions.

Complior Analyse :

The latest version of the Complior device

Complior Analyse

With Complior Analyse, it is possible to assess arterial stiffness and central pressure in a single acquisition



Complior Analyse uses non-invasive pressure sensors to simultaneously record pulse wave velocity and central pressure.







Pulse Wave Velocity = Aortic stiffness

a major cardiovascular risk

To learn more about arterial stiffness and pulse wave velocity, please visit our Pulse Wave Info Center.


Complior Analyse records simultaneously pressure signals from the carotid and femoral arteries to measure pulse wave velocity (PWV)


PWV measure with Complior

 Carotid-femoral PWV is THE reference for aortic stiffness assessment

(Laurent 2006;Mancia 2007)


  • ¬†Complior Analyse measures the velocity of the arterial wave and its transit time. There is no estimation nor mathematical modeling
  • ¬†Carotid-femoral PWV is the only method recognized as a measure of aortic stiffness by the European Hypertension and Cardiology Societies (ESH-ESC) (Mancia 2007)
  • ¬†Carotid-femoral PWV is one of the recommended assessment in the management of arterial hypertension : high PWV is an end-target organ damage. (Mancia¬† 2007)
  • ¬†Reference values for PWV are published and inserted in the Complior Analyse software. Each PWV measurement is displayed on the reference value graph allowing rapid and easy clinical interpretation (Eur Heart J 2010)

 reference graph

Simultaneous measurement as performed by Complior Analyse on carotid and femoral arteries is THE method advised by scientific experts

(Laurent 2006, Wilkinson 2010)

It allows:

  • Time saving , high reproducibility (Asmar 1995)
  • No EKG required
  • Possibility to assess PWV during transient haemodynamic states
  • PWV measurement possible even with arrhythmia
  • Simultaneous measure,¬† and in particular the one from¬† Complior device, is the method used in epidemiological studies showing the importance of PWV as an independent predictor of ¬†cardiovascular risk (Laurent 2006, Vlachopoulos 2010)


With the carotid pressure signal recorded during PWV assessment, Complior Analyse also measures central pressure.


Complior Analyse is simple, rapid, reliable and reproducible

  • Connected to a PC, ¬†Complior records signals from piezoelectric sensors to calculate pulse wave transit time
  • ¬†It is a real measure. There is no model nor mathematical estimation


Complior Analyse is supplied with a total of 4 sensors: carotid, femoral, radial and distal. It is hence possible to assess PWV on 3 different arterial segments in a single acquisition in  order to study peripheral arteries.



Measurement principle of PWV with Complior Analyse

PWV defintion

Carotid-femoral velocity is measured form the carotid-femoral distance and the transit time between the carotid and the femoral pulse recorded simultaneously.


PWV = carotid-femoral distance / T





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Demonstration video


Central Pressure and wave analysis with Complior Analyse

To learn more about central pressure and wave analysis, please visit our Pulse Wave Info Center.


Complior Analyse measures carotid pressure on its own or during PWV assessment.


Central pressure assessment from the carotid, a direct method to assess central pressure without mathematical model, transfer function or controversies on calibration

  • Carotid pressure is virtually identical to aortic pressure (Kelly 1989;Chen 1996)
  • Complior Analyse measures directly centrale/carotid pressure waveform. There is no mathematical model nor transfer function

Complior neck sensor

Complior Analyse uses a hand-free, reproducible, non operator dependent technology 

Connected to a PC, Complior records carotid pressure signal from the piezoelectric sensor.

With the neck holder, central pressure is measured simply and easily


All parameters from pulse wave analysis are calculated and displayed

Complior software screen

  • Augmentation index, augmentation pressure
  • Peripheral to central pressure amplification
  • Time and pressure at shoulder
  • Ejection duration, diastolic duration
  • End-systolic pressure
  • Max dP/dt
  • Systolic area, diastolic area, SEVR ratio

Brochure download

Demonstration video



PWV and central pressure assessment protocol

  1. The patient lies supine on the exam table and relaxes in order to stabilise his heart rate and blood pressure while the operator launches Complior Analyse software and enter the patient’s details (name, age, sex etc‚Ķ).
  2. The operator locates the carotid and femoral arteries and marks the point where she/he will be measuring carotid and femoral pressure.
  3. The operator measures the distance between the carotid and femoral arteries and enters it on the Complior Analyse software.Complior neck sensor
  4. Cuff blood pressure is measured and entered on the Complior Analyse software then signal acquisition is launched
  5. The operator positions the carotid sensor with the help of its specific holder
  6. The operator holds the femoral sensor on the femoral artery. When software indicators turn green, he/she stops the acquisition.PWV measure with Complior Analyse
  7. The Complior Analyse software displays the pulse wave velocity and the central (carotid) pressure waveform analysis.

Complior software screen


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Complior SP : The epidemiological studies device

Complior SP

Complior SP, directly following Complior II, has been marketed from 2001.
This device is easy and user-friendly allowing its use in large cohort which led to more than 500 publications.
This is with this device that most epidemiological studies showing that PWV is an independent predictor of cardiovascular mortality have been done.
Service and support is not available anymore. SP sensors are not available.

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Expert service

You need information, training or scientific expertise on central pressure or arterial stiffness ? Our experts are here to help you and answer your questions.


Clinicians, Researchers, Hospitals, Universities, Pharmaceutical industries, CROs :

  • ¬†Scientific presentation on pulse wave, its propagation and its clinical consequences
  • ¬†Tailored training on specific clinical domain
  • Assistance to protocol definition and data analysis
  • ¬†General or specific bibliography in the pulse wave domain


Clinical trials:

  • ¬†Assistance on protocol definition and logistics
  • ¬†Training to centers, investigators, operators and clinical research officers
  • ¬†Data centralisation and quality control


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